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The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

Feb 28, 2010

The whole crew is together to talk about advanced fat loss, staying motivated, elbow issues, building muscle while swimming and more!

Feb 25, 2010

It was bound to come eventually, I can't shut the hell up, so I figured I would record it and share it. Here is episode 1 of my solo fitness and nutrition podcast that I will be releasing mid week as a companion to The FitCast

Feb 21, 2010

Kevin and Leigh answer questions about 5/3/1 for fat loss, off season training for runners, binge eating, double chins, and more. Also this episode features the first FitCast Accountability Blog round table.

Feb 15, 2010

Kevin and Jon have in depth discussions about training with weight vests, training for soccer, fat loss, Kevin's new injury and much more!

Feb 7, 2010

Tom Venuto joins Kevin for an interview on sticking to a fat loss plan and then we dive into the mailbag.