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The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

Jan 30, 2017

Krista Scott Dixon of Precision Nutrition returns to the show to discuss coaching empathy, changing client negative self talk, what to do for clients that have "no time," better goal setting and more! Also I talk briefly about my departure from MBSC and CFSC.

Jan 23, 2017

Ryan Hurst of GMB Fitness joins Kevin to talk about physical autonomy, how his background as a gymnast and martial artist influenced his methodologies, body control movement implementation and much more!

Jan 16, 2017

Mark Fisher returns to talk about his favorite books of 2016, lessons learned int he last year, opening up a second facility in NYC, business of fitness, self development and much more! Also I briefly talk about my departure from MBSC and CFSC.

Jan 9, 2017

Jason and Lauren Pak of Achieve Fitness Boston join Kevin to discuss their journey into the industry and to how the got to where they are today as gym operators. Along the way we discuss how they are helping put their clients into the best possible position for success.

Jan 2, 2017

Erin Brown joins Kevin to talk about empathy, learning how to communicate with those you are trying to help, finding happiness where you are at and much more!