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The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

Feb 25, 2014

Dan John returns to the show to discuss some life lessons, most important qualities for a coach, strength training for adults, Dan's exercises that he loves that most people aren't doing, and much more!

Feb 17, 2014

Jon follows up from some questions on episode 282 as well as discuss the most effective fat loss programming, how to avoid gurus, safe crossfit, and more!

Feb 12, 2014

Brian St. Pierre from Precision Nutrition is this weeks guest to discuss how many carbs we really need, intermittent fasting, bulletproof coffee, modifying your training as you get older, getting into the fitness industry, and more.

Feb 6, 2014

The retro episodes continue as Jonathan Fass comes back on the show to talk about utilizing evidence in the strength and conditioning world, what pain is telling us, his thoughts on PRI, and the latest on the FMS.