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The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

May 26, 2014

Craig Ballantyne returns to the show to talk about success, goal setting, advice and tips on reaching your goals, motivation, advice on maintaining a positive life, and more!

May 20, 2014

Charlie Weingroff comes on the show to talk about the FMS, assessments, movement, the concept of lateralizations and regressions, and more!

May 15, 2014

Eric Cressey returns to the show to discuss self assessments for the upper body, post workout mobility, how he programs conditioning for performance, the steep increase in Tommy John surgery, and more!

May 12, 2014

Dr. John Berardi returns to the show to discuss the best process for behavior modification, building lean muscle on a vegan diet, how to get clients to comply with their nutrition, the future of Precision Nutrition, and more!

May 5, 2014

Alwyn Cosgrove returns to the show to discuss how to get people to buy into the program, goal setting, the latest techniques at Results Fitness, the best programs for fat loss, and more!